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Motor Vehicle Accidents do occur... and unfortunately it can be anywhere anytime! In such a situation you most probably won't have access to a pen and paper with you to collect important accident information. Though, most definitely you may have your mobile device with you! In addition, stress plays it's part and there are chances that you may forget to collect ALL important information relating to the accident, or may misplace the piece of paper that you noted it on.
Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app that could assist you with collecting all the important information that is essential + save & send it to important people (including yourself) via email seamlessly...? The wait is over! This app can turn such a stressful situation into a calm and simple process.

 App Features
Main ➤ Prompts you to seamlessly collect all important information in 10 quick and easy steps (+ taking photos of the accident scene), so that you do not miss any important piece of information that should be recorded.
Design ➤  This app is specifically designed to be simple and user friendly keeping all age groups in mind. No fancy features! No 100's of buttons! Only a simple and straight-forward process you follow... to fill in, save and send with an easy user interface.
Save ➤ Crash/Accident details can be saved on your phone incase you are in an area
where cellular network connection is not available or you are unable to send it for some reason. All your accident details + photos you take within the app are stored in an automatically created album (in your phone's Photos app).
We believe such important information should be saved at one place, so you don't have to wander around opening apps to find the details and photos. Also, they remain safe as they get stored in Apple's iCloud (if you have iCloud activated). These app features save you the hassle of finding accident information quickly and easily whenever need be.
Send ➤ Send the information to others or yourself to keep a record via email.
Emergency Call ➤ Make emergency calls right from the app to summon emergency services or your emergency contact (family or friend).
You will need to set up the emergency contact number within app once and you are ready!
Flashlight ➤ Activate device's flash led directly from within app, helpful in low light situations.
Subtle animations to provide visual feedback.
In an event of accident opening a single app (Crash Manager) is all you need!

So if you want to be prepared and secure... then go ahead and download it now! It is a dollar well spent, especially a dollar that can buy peace of mind in times of trouble, when we expect it the least!


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